How to Download and Read Books Online for Free

Since the dawn of the digital age, many aspects of human life have changed dramatically, most notably the desire to read books, which was previously accomplished through public or libraries, but which has now been surpassed by the power to get them online. At the moment, there are a plethora of websites and apps that provide access to everything that book buyers desire, ranging from indie contemporary fiction to classic Elizabethan works that can be read for free.

Here are few ways how to download and read books online for free that you can try.


ManyBooks offers a selection of classic and contemporary novels with dozens of genre, language, and user ratings filters that you can read online or download. In addition, ManyBooks also opens up opportunities for anyone to be able to publish their own work and introduce it more widely through the services it contains.


Not only as a place to read free books, but Goodreads also allows you to find out what books your favorite author is reading at that time, so you can get new book references too.


This website is full of many books which will be downloaded for free of charge, although a number of them also are sold at very affordable prices. Bookbub will also provide the best recommendations for you, including the gadgets you use to provide a more comfortable reading experience.


Project Gutenberg has more than 58,000 free ebooks that can be read online through a browser or downloaded on your device. To give the greatest reading experience, you may also select to download the text simply without the photos or the complete file, but bear in mind that this will all influence the size of the file. Not only that, but Gutenberg also offers audiobooks that are linked to LibriVox.


LibriVox is an audiobook oasis which will be listened to via a browser or downloaded to your device. But for those of you who prefer to read, then the site can link back to Project Gutenberg if you want.


Authorama features hundreds of public domain works that you can read online via mobile or desktop browsers. Sadly, you can’t download them to your device. In addition, reading through a browser also does not allow you to mark the part you are reading, but at least you can still do a search by entering page numbers manually or looking for it by chapter of the book.